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So many of us have talents that go unnoticed and this is a place where poets/writers, artists, or anyone with something to say can express themselves. Pass the mike....

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Comment by Clayton "Bigtrigger" Corley on January 15, 2010 at 1:30pm
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Comment by The Writer's Poet on August 19, 2009 at 1:54pm

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Comment by The Writer's Poet on July 26, 2009 at 5:40pm
The Past

Looking forward don't look back
everyone said that you won't make
it, but here I stand.

I'm makin a new plan with my pen
in my hand face all of my demons
from my past now I'm here at last.

Can't stop gonna continue there's
so much more on the menu. To
feed my mind and thoughts I got
so many needs and wants.

I walk out of the fire and into the
light there's so many haters to my
left and my right.

God brought me this far I can't turn
back now you can push me back,
but I won't back down.

By: The Wrtiter's Poet - 2009
Comment by The Writer's Poet on July 26, 2009 at 5:32pm
Knock Me Down

You said that I was everything you
wanted and more, but some how
you seem to change. Can you be the
woman that I always wanted. The distance
between us really kills me not knowing
which way to turn or go. All I want is to
be your lover homie friend, but you seem
to knock me down. Only to hope that you
would be there to catch me fall. But that's
not the case can you release me from
this prison that I'm in. Allow my heart to grow
with love for you the way it once did. Pushing
me away only keep us further apart and allow
somone else to step in. Like the saying goes
your lost is somone elses gain. You can knock
me down but I will get back up and fight for
another day.

By: The Writer's Poet - 2009
Comment by The Writer's Poet on July 26, 2009 at 4:57pm
You Must be Crazy

How can you blame me for the way you
feel. I'm not the one who walked out on
you and all the time you called me a fool.
Me a fool for loving you the way you need
to be love nah you on some other s*** I can't
explain. All those men wanted one thing I
just gave you a wedding ring. Since I enter
your life I did what a man suppose to do for
his woman give her the kind of love that you
need. But that wasn't enough you had to make
it worst wth your attutide. Thinking that someone
owes you something well someone done told
you wrong when I try to talk to you - you give
me the silent treatment. Hell your not talking
to me for days, but all that does is just
pushes me away. You said you love me but
a love like that I don't need. You have issues
that I never seen you must be crazy if you
think that your my Queen.

By: The Writer's Poet - 2009
Comment by The Writer's Poet on July 20, 2009 at 2:18pm
The Struggle Of A Black Man

We must fight the good fight to win
the war as they try to wipe out the
black man until there's no more.

Stand firm and know your place as
they cheat, steal and lie to our face.
It takes a nation of millions to hold
us back cause we strong and powerful
power to the black.

You see it in there faces how scared they
are with all the struggling we still out of
place. We must understand what it takes
but to be not forgotten in this human race.

We have struggle for thousand and thousand
of years while our ancestors fought blood,
sweat and tears. We must stand now hand
and hand to claim our place in this holy land.

If this is the land of opportunity why does
it feels less for you and me. Wake up open
our eyes this red, white, and blue no one
can hold back only but you.

By: The Writer's Poet - 2009
Comment by The Writer's Poet on July 20, 2009 at 2:17pm
Unfinish Business

A black man's work is never done
understanding how to provide
without telling a lie. Stand tall
through the tough fight be there
for his woman and tuck his kids
in at night.

Never get out of character all eyes
on you take your place in history
and under the sun if you don't
believe me look what Martin, Malcolm,
and Obama has done.

Black man can you hear your queen
crys for you, she needs you on your
throne to the house you build.

Fear not your work isn't done there's
a long road ahead and the war isn't
won. Take nothing for granted your
enemy wants to see you fall but you
have the power to conquer all.

By: The Writer's Poet 2009
Comment by The Writer's Poet on July 18, 2009 at 10:00pm
I'm So Cold

Dark and lonely in the inside this
feeling I have I can't hide I try
to find my place in the mist of
it all.

Deep within from the depth of
my soul how can one man feel
so alone. Feels like I'm wandering
in the rain wondering why I fill
with so much pain

sleepness nights restless within
waking up in cold sweats wishing
this will end. Trouble by my past
in search of my future can I be
so blind in what I can see.

Agony and pain is all the same is
like walking in fire bursting in
flames. Do I trust in what got
me this far or do I stand in a
world that is so cold.

Believing and having faith is all
I need to release this coldness
and pain I feel. Watch over me
and protect me please from
the cold and darkness that is
my enemy.

By: The Writer's Poet 2009

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