Do you know how to remove someone from your friends list? - if you don't you should!

Hi this is LeClara and I now have a combined 1300 friends on Iseecolor and another network. Occasionally someone request I not send them emails and I must admit I send quite a few to promote OTHER people on these sites. I'm not compensated I just love people and try to support them that's what networking is all about. I recently had someone go to the internet provider of my business account and have it closed because they didn't agree with some of the people I have on my friends list well all I'll say is my choice of friends is no one's business but mine so if you don't approve please do me and yourself a favor by going to the main page of the site you're on, press the friends icon and remove me Please I will not be offended in the least because I make new friends everyday and plan on continuing to do so. Happy Surfing & God Bless!

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Comment by SHANNON COOK on October 6, 2009 at 6:44pm
I hear that, the nerve of people. Well everyone is not Open Minded To The World Of Marketing.

Little do they know it starts with people building positive relationships.

Good for you LeClara!


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